Child Custody & Family investigations

Sometimes we are asked to conduct VERY discreet inquires or investigations that do not fit into a general category.

Ace Pro Elite Sdn Bhd has over 30 years experience in criminal and civil investigatioins. We understand that the sphere of investigations is very diverse and sometimes companies or individuals require service that does not fall within a fixed category.

As an example, a recent investigation resulted in us finding and returning a child to a parent who had been awarded lawful custody. The investigation was carried out with assistance from local police with the child’s welfare paramount at all times.

We also looked into suspect activities within a mining camp in a remote location where we uncovered undisputable evidence of fraud.

Another recent investigation into illegal manufacture of brand name and counterfeit products resulted in the shutting down of a criminal network operating through ebay and facebook.

Ace Pro Elite Sdn Bhd know what to look for and how to get results at an affordable price within set time frames.

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