GPS Tracking

GPS tracking technology is an invaluable asset when it comes to surveillance. Not only does it provide concrete evidence for private investigators, but GPS tracking devices are safe, efficient, and cost-effective. The reasons to surveil an individual are nearly limitless. Investigations can arise out of criminal or civil matters, and GPS technology provides concrete evidence for private investigators hired to conduct surveillance.

Surveillance would have to take place in person with a private eye watching from a distance, perhaps taking pictures or video, GPS allows investigators to handle the job without the personal intrusion of being watched and followed in person.

GPS devices, which are relatively small in size, can be affixed to the exterior of a vehicle without altering the vehicle. The device then sends data to a host about where it has traveled using the satellite.

GPS technology not only provides concrete evidence, but it also provides a safer way to conduct surveillance.

Additionally, GPS devices provide an economical alternative for surveillance. For example, in larger cities where traffic and other visible obstructions may be present, an individual hiring a private investigator may, in fact, need multiple investigators to be able to perform the surveillance. This would result in much higher fees than a daily or weekly rate for the monitoring of a GPS device.

Furthermore, GPS devices give private investigators the ability to multitask and complete other tasks while still completing surveillance.


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