Due Diligence

We are providing our clients with due diligence services, which is a word used to describe a range of assignments, legal obligations, reports and investigations which take place in business, manufacturing and law. The large organizations need to re- evaluate the steps taken before investing a round of capital in a start-up, the ongoing investigation as to how the funds are being distributed, or the precautionary steps taken by a larger company in deciding to acquire a smaller company. Our team of experts are well versed with various law enforcements and documentations, thus we can help to take your steps judiciously. Due Diligence is a term used for number of concepts involving investigation of Business or a person before signing a contract or before entering into any kind of understanding or agreement.

Due Diligence could be on anything such as :


  • Business Due Diligence
  • Corporate Due Diligence
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Investment Due Diligence
  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • Asset Purchase Due Diligence
  • Matrimonial Due Diligence


Our due diligence private investigators are all experts in discreet searches and inquiries taking into account the major parts that matter the most. At Pro Elite Group, our Investigators have a wide network of connection all over Malaysia, which permits us to give our customers highly reliable and efficient investigative services. If you are to give us a remote area to investigate, however, we may require more time so that we can carefully study and take into consideration the relevant laws and even dialects as well as cultures and traditions, particularly when records are not promptly accessible electronically. In short, it is a process by which risk can be minimized through proper research and investigation.


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