Employment Screening

Pre-employment screening is an investigation into the personal and professional histories of an individual for the purpose of determining that person’s honesty, credibility and moral character. There are countless reasons to run a background check on potential employees before they’re hired. Here are a few of the most important ones:


  • Pre-Employment Screening can help protect your family from harm. Whether it’s shoddy workmanship from a contractor, dangerous conduct from a caregiver, or the frightening driving record of an au pair, any home worker has the potential to do harm to the people most important to you. The cornerstone of any proper screening process is to find out about a candidate’s criminal history, including any arrests or convictions for violent crimes, traffic offenses, theft, sexual misconduct, and so on.
  • Pre-Employment Screening can keep drugs out of your home. A criminal history check will additionally provide information on any and all previous drug-related criminal offenses, allowing you identify candidates with a history of drug use.
  • Background checks can help avoid burglary and theft. A thorough pre-employment background check will inform you of any previous theft and fraud-related run-ins with the law by job candidates, and potentially, by their associates. Often, high value items are stolen with the help of an employee. With a strong pre-employment screening process, it’s possible to avoid these situations entirely.
  • A proper screening process can prevent hiring unqualified, incompetent, or dangerous employees. A quality screening process will verify all education and work experience-related claims made by a job candidate, including academic degrees, professional licenses and certifications, prior employment, work-related legal claims, and more. Eliminating unqualified or incompetent candidates before they can cause trouble can save you thousands of dollars and keep your family safe.


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